Ballet: It is a form of classic academic dance based on the accepted five positions of the feet. This class focuses on the various ballet body alignment positions, pointing the feet and using the upper body and arms to express one’s self. It also helps children develop coordination of mind and body, and natures the ability to focus, and maintain intense concentration and discipline.

Class Structure for ballet

Classes involving students, age 3 and below is 30minutes per week for 10 weeks, age 3 to 4 is 45minutes per week for 10 weeks. Students above 5 years have an hour class, once a week for 10 weeks. The exercises in each class involves warm ups, technique, creative movement, stretching and conditioning, and dance combination which is a short choreography involving everything the students worked on during the class. We also introduce the students to new techniques and dance moves for the next class.

Creative Ballet (3-4years): This class is full of exciting activities and weekly themes, which enhance learning, confidence, language development, social skills and imagination. Each session has a clear format where children learn ballet technique using nursery rhymes, fun music and percussion instruments. The children learn to work in groups, listen and follow directions and most importantly discover movement possibilities in their own bodies helping them to coordinate body and mind.

Pre-Ballet (5-6yrs): This class has similar features as the creative ballet but at this point, students begin to learn the right terms in ballet. This class introduces the students to a more structured ballet class by taking them through a variety of movement and musical exercises. While building their ballet vocabulary students are guided through proper warm-ups, ballet barre work, stretching and strengthening exercises. The emphasis is on developing rhythm and coordination of movement while gaining a better understanding of the body.

Ballet 1 (7-9years): Ballet 1 begins the first year of formal ballet training. The classroom work is more equally divided between barre and centre. Students are taught the fundamentals of ballet technique and develop self discipline. Through repetition of exercise, students will gain strength and greater control of how the body works within the ballet exercise.

Ballet II (8-10yrs): Ballet II students will continue to build upon movement concepts introduced in the previous level and will expand on the classical ballet syllabus. As the ballet vocabulary increases so should the student’s ability to process combinations of steps to increase physical strength. A greater emphasis will be placed on proper body placement and alignment. For further advancement the students need to have good memorization, application of exercises and display good physical effort

Beginner Group (7years and above): This class is for students, who have little or no prior ballet experience. This class will cover all the moment concept; ballet co-ordination development and musicality. Basic ballet vocabulary and rhythmic exercise are introduced along with posture, physical alignment and strengthening and stretching exercise.

Students are grouped into classes according to their age but students are made to repeat a class or move to a higher class based on the discretion of the teacher.

If there is any instance where the class does not come on, a day and time is arranged for a make-up class. Extra classes will be held in the third term towards the end of year Recital (Sparkle day) performance. PS. The Class breakdown has been structured to suit a dance academy. In schools where ballet is offered as an extra-curricular activity, some of the classes are merged. Eg. Three to five year olds are placed in one group


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