Students or participants must be at least 2½  years of age regardless of participants having or not having any training in the art of dance. So the fact that your ward does not have any knowledge in dance should not be problem.

To provide the best possible learning experience, we group students in levels according to age, experience, and interest in the foretasted dances of the workshop.

All communications; updates, reminders, as well as Newsletters and recital guidelines to our cherished parents, are sent by means of email and WhatsApp to parents and Guardians during the first week of classes. If you do not receive an email by the end of the first week, please notify us via email or any of our official numbers (050 618 9917 / 024 683 5000) on WhatsApp to ensure that we have your correct email address or contact number. To make this exercise possible and efficient, we entreat all parents to fill out our Registration Form with a prompt email address that you prefer to be reached at.

*Please return the filled Registration form to the class Teacher of your child.

Term tuition is due at the END of the first month and is considered LATE after the first week of the second month. We encourage parents to make Payment latest by the deadline given. All payment should be made to the administrator, Miss Martha or pay directly into our studio account: First Atlantic Bank, Acct name: VIVIE’S DANCE FACTORY, Acct num: 0378051101011, Airport Residential Branch. If paying via our studio bank account, please fill out the bankers draft with your ward(s)’ FIRST and LAST names under the section – deposited by – for easy cross checking. Late payment of fees will attract a penalty.

All dancers are required to dress appropriately for classes. They should be in proper shoes (flats) and clothes (leotards, tights and skirts).

Ballet dancers need a leotard, tights, and ballet shoes. Salsa dancers need tight/skirts and 1inch Black block heal.  Hip Hop and African Traditional Dancers need VDF T-shirt and Trainers/Sneakers for the former. All hairs must be held up for every class.


During each dance class, students work on choreographed dance, which will be performed at the end of year recital. Students gain a great sense of pride and accomplishment through hard work and dedication. Our goal is to see each student improve his/her performance and technical skills throughout each academic year. A successful performance requires both attendance and commitment to dance classes; therefore we ask parents to ensure that students attend their classes regularly and on time. Re-enforcing the work each week goes a long away to increasing the student/s self-esteem. Students missing four (4) or more consecutive classes (without just cause) may, at the discretion of the Instructor, be excluded from the year-end recitals (Sparkle Day and Christmas Recitals). Please remember dancing is a TEAM EFFORT, no different than any other sport and we all rely on each other to be there!!! Please be reminded to notify us with as much notice (Email/Whataspp) possible if your child is unable to attend class due to illness or any other commitments.

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