Vision Mission Objectives

Our Vision

To be the platform to promote the art as both an entertainment and career moulding tool that complete the development of a Child.


Our Mission

To provide quality fundamental dance and performance education to enhance and balance the academic excellence of all our students

Our Objectives

  1. To ensure that all students get correct training and positive encouragement to a level of excellence in the field of educational and community dance.
  2. To create and sustain strong working relationship with schools and colleges.
  3. To encourage self-development and self-expression through the teaching of relevant technique and creative tasks.
  4. To promote a disciplined, but exciting learning environment to support an appreciation for the art of dance.
  5. To reach out to all children from diverse background, discovering and mastering creatively their acquired skills set to become the stars of their generation.
  6. To develop cross-curricular links with language, music and other relevant studies.
  7. In addition to the obvious physical and aesthetic skills that derive from dance, we aim to develop secondary skills such as self-motivation, confidence, team building, social skills and empathy.

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