Who We Are

WhoWe Are

Vivie’s Dance Factory is dedicated to educating and training students in the art of dance and drama. We have the commitment of discovering talents in young people and give them the platform to showcase them. This is achieved through classes, performance opportunities, auditions and master classes, students from beginner to advanced level learn various aspects of dance including technique, choreography, proper etiquette, terminology and musicality.

VDF offers a friendly program where dancers have the opportunity to dance just-for-fun or develop into seaso­­­­­ned dance professionals. To this end, we make every effort to ensure that all students get correct training and positive encouragement. We are committed to improving every student’s coordination, posture, flexibility and self-esteem/confidence. We strive to promote a disciplined, but exciting learning environment to promote an appreciation for the art of dance. With this, VDF becomes a positive nurturing and arts oriented environment for students to excel and grow in their love for dance and the arts in general

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